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Pet of the month summer 2017/18

Vetaround - Meet-Flo

Meet Flo, Our Vetaround Pet of the Month

Florence, or Flo, is a gorgeous and playful (though sometimes shy) little Pomeranian.

Flo comes from a rather large pet family that also includes two little boisterous Chihuahua’s called Costa and Bentley, and their devoted human parents Mark and Perry. And sadly, until recently, a very headstrong but adorable Pekingese Benz.

Flo is always so sweet on my visits, though sometimes she gets a little wary, but nothing that can’t be buttered up with a little treat!

I have had to come around fairly often over the last year or so due to the ill health of her brothers and she has always been spritely and welcoming, but probably wasn’t so happy when I started looking into her mouth too, and more recently her skin which is having some reactive issues possibly to the season.

In general Flo has been the picture of health, and as you can see from the pictures she has an adorable fluffy coat and a very bright demeanour. Really her main health issue has been the very common periodontal disease and we have cleaned up her teeth and even removed a few unhealthy ones this year. In her usual fashion she has bounced back and continues to provide Mark and Perry with enormous joy.

We are currently trying to sort out a frustrating skin problem, which Flo hasn’t suffered from before. I have found over the recent years, that dogs are getting older and older before they start to show any signs of skin allergies, which we previously thought typically started in the younger years.

Now dogs of any age are starting to develop skin problems, which makes diagnosing and treating them more difficult. Hopefully Flo is on the mend and we’ll soon get her beautiful coat and skin back to full health. Luckily for her it doesn’t seem to be bothering her much, if at all!

We certainly hope that Flo continues to remain healthy and bouncy and bubbly, and while I do love playing with her, hopefully we won’t see her much more often than the regular annual health checks!

All the best to you and the whole fam!

Dr Ari Ende

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