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As a specialist mobile vet in Sydney, VETaround offers a full suite of services and treatments at home. These include:

  • Initial visits, including full discussion of animal and health history
  • Annual health checks
  • Vaccinations and heartworm injections
  • Internal and external parasite management
  • Nutritional assessments and management
  • Appropriate diagnostic pathology
  • Medical diagnosis and management of illnesses
  • Full physical examinations of all body systems
  • Acupuncture and naturopathy
  • Behavioural assessment and management
  • Home dog and cat euthanasia
  •  Grief and bereavement counselling.

VETaround is a home visit vet with full clinic capacity via our partner practice. Our vet has extensive experience in comprehensive veterinary care in vet hospitals and private practice, so if your dog or cat needs to go to hospital for treatment or surgery, we will provide all pre and post procedure veterinary care.

Some advanced surgical procedures can be done in association with a veterinary surgeon at VETaround’s partner practice. Our vet, Ari, also has a close association with several veterinary referral hospitals in Sydney. If necessary, we can direct you to a recommended specialist veterinarian.

As a Sydney home visit vet, we are happy to offer extended consultation hours. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 7.30am to 7pm, and Saturday 9am to 4pm.

You can speak directly with Dr Ari Ende anytime up until 7pm. If Ari can treat the problem at your home, then he will come to you as soon as possible. If the condition requires further emergency assistance or hospitalisation, we will refer you to a 24-hour emergency hospital.

VETaround has close associations with veterinarians who have completed specialist companion animal training in acupuncture, naturopathy and herbs. These practitioners also perform at-home vet services and Ari will be happy to put you directly in touch with a vet with the most appropriate experience.

VETaround can assess and manage many behavioural problems. Some do require specific attention however, and may be better managed by a skilled animal behaviourist. We work closely with behavioural specialists. If we can’t assist with the matter, we will help you find the support you need.

Euthanasia is probably the most difficult decision you will have to make for your dog or cat, even when you know it is the right decision. Being able to remain at home with your beloved animal in familiar and comfortable surroundings will make the situation less stressful and ease the process a little for both of you. As a home visit vet, we provide full cat and dog euthanasia services and support in your home.

We will facilitate the process in the most sensitive way possible for you and your dog and we can arrange any special requirements. We take care of everything so you can focus on being with your pet at this most significant time in their life.

Following euthanasia and when you are ready, VETaround will also organise the management of your pet’s body and make arrangements according to your wishes. You and your family may choose to have your pet privately cremated, and have your pet’s ashes returned to you in either a scatter box, urn or ornate box. You also have the option to keep your pet’s body with you for home burial, or you may prefer to leave all the arrangements with VETaround without any return of ashes.

Please see our pet euthanasia page for full details.

Our preference is for you to be home at the time of consultation in order for your pet to receive the best assessment and care. Once we have established a relationship with you and your animal, we may on occasion be able to organise a home visit vet consultation without you present, depending on the nature of the consultation.

For new clients and for more serious illness or trauma, we need you to be home so we can ask important questions and provide full information.

Bad breath is one of the most common problems in our pets. It can be due to a few different things but most commonly stems from a build-up of dental tartar and subsequent oral infection. Sometimes the tartar can be cracked off at a home consultation, but this is a cosmetic procedure that does not address the primary issue.

The best way to combat bad breath from tartar build-up and avoid more serious dental problems is to have a full dental scale and polish under general anaesthesia, which our mobile vet can easily perform at our partner practice.

It usually involves a day stay in hospital, with your pet home by evening with shiny clean teeth and lovely smelling breath!

There are also several ways you can minimise the build-up of tartar and bad breath at home, including oral care diets, dental treats or toys and teeth brushing.

Read more about pet dental care and our dental assessments.

As part of home visit vet services, we organise reminders for any procedures, annual health checks and vaccinations that your pet requires. Additionally, we offer a number of wellness programs. We are happy to provide full details and help you select the most appropriate for your dog, cat or other pet.

At VETaround, we’re committed to quality and comprehensive at home vet services, to ensure you stay on top of your pet’s general health care… and they stay active, healthy and happy.

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