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Oncology Veterinary Care

A diagnosis of cancer in your dog, cat or any other pet can be heartbreaking, but we want to reassure you that several animal cancers are treatable – and a diagnosis may not mean the end.

Our Sydney mobile vet can guide you through all available oncology vet treatments – and provide high quality, comprehensive and compassionate care for your pet at home and in our base hospital.

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Cancer in pets

Cancer is remarkably common in geriatric animals. There are more than 100 types of cancers, including lymphoma, soft tissue sarcomas, melanoma, mammary cancer and osteosarcoma that may affect your pet.

Cancer can affect any internal organ and travel through the body by the circulatory and lymph systems.

Some pets may be genetically predisposed to cancer, or they may develop it after excessive sun exposure or contact with carcinogens including pesticides, herbicides and second-hand cigarette smoke.

Signs of cancer may include swollen lymph nodes, a visible mass or lump, lethargy, lameness, bleeding and loss of appetite. As they will vary based on the cancer type and stage – and some cancer symptoms are shared with other medical issues – diagnosis requires a thorough examination and testing.

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Oncology vet treatments

After diagnosis, our vet will conduct tests to determine if and where the cancer has spread (metastasised). From there we can tailor a program to treat the cancer if possible and to target the symptoms to minimise pain and distress.

We base our treatment plans on the condition and age of your pet, the type and stage of cancer, and of course your personal wishes.

There have been huge advances in cutting-edge oncology vet treatments in recent years.

Options include injectable and oral chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. Chemotherapy side effects common to people, like vomiting, diarrhoea and hair loss, are rare in pets.

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Quality of life assessments

At VETaround, we treat every pet as if they were our own – so our utmost priority is your pet’s quality of life. While we can now treat many cancers, there may be incidences where pets develop aggressive and advanced cancers. In cases where the cancer is not treatable, our in-home vet will recommend a quality of life assessment.

Quality of life assessments are part of our in-home vet service, and they are the best way to determine your pet’s overall condition and happiness.

As we’re a truly mobile vet, we provide in-home services across Sydney, or we can transport your pet to hospital in our VETaround van. We deliver flexible and tailored veterinarian care that is hugely beneficial to pet owners… and much-loved by your pets!

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