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Pet Palliative Care

We all know that ageing is inevitable – yet coping with the impending loss of a beloved pet is always difficult.

If your pet has been diagnosed with a terminal illness or is in decline due to their advanced years, they need your love and attention more than ever.

Our mobile vet in Sydney can provide comprehensive and compassionate care that includes pain management, quality of life assessments and palliative care for pets.

Maintaining quality of life

Maintaining quality of life

Ageing pets can face a number of health issues, from painful arthritis to serious organ diseases. It’s crucial at this age that we understand how any illnesses might also be affecting your pet’s general contentment and well-being.

The best way to be clear on your pet’s condition is a quality of life assessment. Our Sydney vet can make a home visit to provide a full consultation and check-up. Our in-home vet care is convenient and flexible… and we find it really beneficial for elderly pets who are most comfortable in a familiar environment.

Once we’ve completed the assessment, we can think about the best way forward for the benefit of your pet.

Old dog comfortable on dog bed

Minimising pain and discomfort

If our vet diagnoses your pet with an illness, then one of our top priorities will be to keep them free from pain and distress. Our mobile vet will provide you with full information on the condition – and recommendations for medications, surgery or alternative treatments such as acupuncture.

You can also help by taking a few steps to ensure your dog or cat is fully comfortable. Many older pets, for instance, develop incontinence or loss of bladder control.

Keep a regular check to ensure they are not wet or soiled. Be aware that because they may not be able to move well or quickly, there are likely to be more accidents. Be patient!

Do pay extra attention to your pet during this time. Ensure they have a comfortable space to lie in day and night, a warm blanket and a favourite toy. Pets provide us with so much love and loyalty over the years, and this is the time to ensure we return that loyalty… in spades.

Elderly woman with a cat on her knees

Compassionate end-of-life care

Palliative care for pets – also called hospice care – is an option if your pet is suffering from a terminal illness but still has quality of life.

Our aim will always be to ensure your pet’s final time is comfortable and dignified. We can tailor a pet palliative care program that includes medication and treatments.

Our mobile vet can visit you at home to guide you through your pet’s needs.

Palliative care animals require active supervision and you will be their primary caregiver. This may be a time that lasts for days, weeks or even months – so full commitment is essential.

While it is very difficult to think about, we can also discuss cat and dog euthanasia, should your animal’s pain escalate or their quality of life diminish. It’s a service we offer in your home to make it as easy as possible for both you and your pet.

Cat and dog

Putting your pet first

VETaround prides itself on complete, caring and compassionate veterinary services. And because we love animals, we work hard to ensure every animal has a full and happy life.

Our clients value our mobile services for convenience, flexibility and the benefits for anxious animals. We find our home visits are also ideal for elderly pets that may have difficulty moving… or who will simply be calmer and more comfortable at home.

With regular and thorough examinations as your dog or cat ages, we can catch any issues early… giving your pet the best chance to live many more happy years.

If your pet is reaching advanced age or has been diagnosed with an illness, now is the time to think about their ongoing care and quality of life. Contact us to book in a consultation.


Highly recommend Ari , he has been looking after my 2 kitties for over 5 years . The ease and care of his home vet service can be highly commended!

I went with VETaround because they were one of the highest rated on Google and I wanted the best for my ginger fur baby. I was not disappointed. Swift, attentive and very friendly service.

Ari was awesome. He created a calm, relaxing environment and adapted to the needs of my very skittish cat (e.g. not ringing the doorbell, examining her in an area she felt safe etc.). Thank you! I’d happily recommend VETaround as a great alternative to the dreaded trip to the vet.

Chester and Freya are very nervous cats and the thought of having to catch them. Ari is great, he has even dived under our bed in hot pursuit of Freya and consultations are usually held in the bathroom!

Ari is incredible! He is caring and attentive to our dogs needs and he is a spectacular vet.

Ari is a caring and compassionate vet who has looked after the health of our cats for years. He goes above and beyond in his treatment of our boys. We also appreciate Jen's fabulous support!

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