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Weight Management

It’s surprisingly common for pets to suffer from weight gain and obesity.

And while rounder cats and dogs may have their appeal, we should always remember that animal obesity is a serious health issue.

Our at-home vet services in Sydney include pet weight management programs to help your dog or cat reach and maintain a healthy weight… and ensure their excess weight doesn’t lead to serious health issues.

Understanding excess weight

Understanding excess weight

Put simply, pets are most likely to be overweight from overfeeding. It’s very easy to forget how much smaller pets are compared to us, and how little food they truly need to stay healthy. It’s up to every pet owner to responsibly manage their nutrition… and provide their dog or cat with a healthy, balanced and well-proportioned diet.

Excess weight in dogs, cats and other family pets has a flow up effect. It can contribute to issues including arthritis, urinary tract problems, diabetes, skin conditions, poor general health and lethargy.

It’s also important to understand that overweight pets are more susceptible to risks associated with anaesthesia and surgery when they do need an operation.

The best way to protect your pets is to plan a healthy diet. Our mobile vet weight management programs are the perfect way to start.

Fully tailored weight management programs

Fully tailored weight management programs

While some breeds including dachshunds, beagles and basset hounds may be more prone to weight gain, every pet requires good weight management. Our home visit vet can recommend a weight control program, provide nutritional advice, recommend products and monitor your pet during at-home consultations or your cat or dog’s annual health check. If your pet needs to lose weight, our program gives you a rigorous structure for weight loss.

Our cat and dog weight management programs are comprehensive and effective, and include:

  • Assessment of current diet and nutritional requirements
  • Assessment of current health with regard to weight and general condition
  • Provision of a dietary plan, targets and a maintenance program
  • Regular weigh-ins and monitoring of the weight loss program.

A healthy and happy pet starts with you. Please contact us for more information on weight management, or to book in a mobile vet consultation.


Highly recommend Ari , he has been looking after my 2 kitties for over 5 years . The ease and care of his home vet service can be highly commended!

I went with VETaround because they were one of the highest rated on Google and I wanted the best for my ginger fur baby. I was not disappointed. Swift, attentive and very friendly service.

Ari was awesome. He created a calm, relaxing environment and adapted to the needs of my very skittish cat (e.g. not ringing the doorbell, examining her in an area she felt safe etc.). Thank you! I’d happily recommend VETaround as a great alternative to the dreaded trip to the vet.

Chester and Freya are very nervous cats and the thought of having to catch them. Ari is great, he has even dived under our bed in hot pursuit of Freya and consultations are usually held in the bathroom!

Ari is incredible! He is caring and attentive to our dogs needs and he is a spectacular vet.

Ari is a caring and compassionate vet who has looked after the health of our cats for years. He goes above and beyond in his treatment of our boys. We also appreciate Jen's fabulous support!

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