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Annual Health Check-Up

At VETaround, we’re committed to keeping your pets at optimum health… and that’s why we always recommend an annual health check-up. While Vaccinations are crucial, your pets need more. We provide a consultation, full physical examination and any ongoing treatments.

Best of all, our Sydney Mobile Vet Doctor performs all annual health check-ups in the comfort of your own home.

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A comprehensive consultation

The first stage of our annual health check-up is a comprehensive consultation. Our home visit vet will talk to you about the health, activity and behaviour of your pet. Typical questions may include.

Is she eating and drinking normally?
Is he toileting normally?
Is there anything you are concerned about?

The annual health check is an ideal time to ask questions and discuss any changes or concerns you might have. It’s a discussion that is crucial to uncover any issues.

Physical examination

Full physical examination

The second stage of our annual health check-up is a full physical examination. This includes all body systems, including coat and skin, muscles, limbs, chest, abdomen, heart, lungs, eyes and ears. We also recommend a full dental assessment.

While we may find nothing out of the ordinary during our check, if there are any issues that need addressing, we can move forward immediately with further testing or treatment.

A typical example is dental disease. Almost every dog or cat has some dental disease and will require a scale and polish at some time, or often several over their lifetime. Proactive dental care will help your pet retain their healthy mouth and stay pain-free.

Another common issue is excess weight. Obesity is tolerated by a lot of pet owners and if left too long, it can be hazardous to your pet’s health. While weight loss takes time and commitment, it is possible, with help from our in-home vet… and your pet will love you even more for it!

Treatment and ongoing care

Treatment and ongoing care

Following the physical exam, our house call vet will discuss any issues and necessary treatments. The annual health check can also be a great time to ask any questions you have regarding vaccinations, heartworm, intestinal parasites, flea control, diet or exercise.

For most healthy adult pets, annual health checks are sufficient to keep tabs on their health.

Puppies generally have two or three house vet visits, a month apart, so that their initial vaccine boosters and general care can be properly managed. Geriatric pets – from eight to twelve years, depending on breed – require more frequent check-ups to monitor for issues common to older animals.

Cat and dog annual health check-ups are at the heart of quality pet care. Please contact us to book in your pet’s annual health check-up, to ensure they have the care and attention they deserve.


Highly recommend Ari , he has been looking after my 2 kitties for over 5 years . The ease and care of his home vet service can be highly commended!

I went with VETaround because they were one of the highest rated on Google and I wanted the best for my ginger fur baby. I was not disappointed. Swift, attentive and very friendly service.

Ari was awesome. He created a calm, relaxing environment and adapted to the needs of my very skittish cat (e.g. not ringing the doorbell, examining her in an area she felt safe etc.). Thank you! I’d happily recommend VETaround as a great alternative to the dreaded trip to the vet.

Chester and Freya are very nervous cats and the thought of having to catch them. Ari is great, he has even dived under our bed in hot pursuit of Freya and consultations are usually held in the bathroom!

Ari is incredible! He is caring and attentive to our dogs needs and he is a spectacular vet.

Ari is a caring and compassionate vet who has looked after the health of our cats for years. He goes above and beyond in his treatment of our boys. We also appreciate Jen's fabulous support!

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