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Dental Assessment

Pet owners often overlook dental hygiene – but it’s a key aspect of your pet’s general health. Dental problems can lead to multiple health issues.

A regular dental assessment can help us catch issues before they escalate, treat existing issues sooner rather than later… and be a positive step towards maintaining excellent long-term animal health.

Comprehensive pet dental care with VETaround

Comprehensive pet dental care with VETaround

VETaround’s comprehensive services include expert at-home veterinary care and hospital treatments in our base clinic. So, we can take care of every aspect of your pet’s health, including dental.

Dental issues are often painful – and catalysts for disease. We have advanced dental equipment in our vet hospital so we can remove infected teeth and clean away tartar, leaving your pet with a healthy mouth and fresh breath.

Our in-home vet recommends a thorough dental assessment annually.

Periodontal disease and its impact

Periodontal disease and its impact

Our pets don’t brush their teeth twice a day and visit the dentist twice a year – which is what dentists recommend! For this reason, tartar builds up quickly. Bacteria builds up under the tartar which soon leads to oral infection and periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease causes the bone and tissues around the teeth to deteriorate. If left untreated, your pet will lose all of his or her teeth. Periodontal disease in our pets is an irreversible process, but generally preventable with regular dental checks.

Oral infections can also spread through your pet’s body and lead to illnesses that are difficult to treat and sometimes life threatening. Some animals seem to maintain excellent dental health with very little intervention. For others, significant tartar build up and periodontal disease can happen at a very young age.

Dental maintenance for good health

Dental maintenance for good health

At VETaround we value long-term, comprehensive and caring at-home vet services, and we know the best way to achieve good dental health for your pet is a comprehensive plan. We have a full pet dental hygiene program that includes:

  • Annual or biannual dental check-up (every second one is completed as part of your pet’s annual health check)
  • Dental scale and polish annually or biannually (this procedure requires a general anaesthetic and a day stay in hospital)
  • Dental hygiene program for home care.

While some of our customers do have concerns about anaesthetic, we want to assure you that the anaesthetics and equipment we use are very safe, and the risk in healthy patients is low.

As a note, it is important to understand that while many people give their pets bones to maintain dental health, bones are not without risks, including broken teeth and gut obstructions requiring foreign body retrieval.

Please contact us to learn more about our pet dental hygiene program and recommended dental products, or to book in a dental assessment.


Highly recommend Ari , he has been looking after my 2 kitties for over 5 years . The ease and care of his home vet service can be highly commended!

I went with VETaround because they were one of the highest rated on Google and I wanted the best for my ginger fur baby. I was not disappointed. Swift, attentive and very friendly service.

Ari was awesome. He created a calm, relaxing environment and adapted to the needs of my very skittish cat (e.g. not ringing the doorbell, examining her in an area she felt safe etc.). Thank you! I’d happily recommend VETaround as a great alternative to the dreaded trip to the vet.

Chester and Freya are very nervous cats and the thought of having to catch them. Ari is great, he has even dived under our bed in hot pursuit of Freya and consultations are usually held in the bathroom!

Ari is incredible! He is caring and attentive to our dogs needs and he is a spectacular vet.

Ari is a caring and compassionate vet who has looked after the health of our cats for years. He goes above and beyond in his treatment of our boys. We also appreciate Jen's fabulous support!

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