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Our top pet safety tips for summer

Dogs with sunglasses sitting on a duck float

With summer approaching, now is the perfect time to think about pet safety.

At VETaround, we believe in first-class veterinary care for every pet, and we know that you want the best for your pet, too. It’s why it’s so important to prepare – and be aware – to keep your pet safe and healthy through the summer season.

Extreme heat and abundant fleas and ticks are just a couple of the things to keep an eye on. Here are our top pet safety tips for summer to help keep your dog, cat or other furry friend safe at home and on the road.

Beat the heat

Australian summers can be relentless, and whether you’re enjoying the sun or seeking shelter, always remember your pet will be feeling the heat, too.

Animals release heat through their paw pads and by panting. Some breeds, including Persian cats and pugs, can’t pant as effectively as other animals, and overweight or older pets may also feel the heat excessively.

With fur and a limited ability to deal with heat, animals rely on you to keep them cool. Some tips? Schedule walks or trips to the dog park for early morning or in the evening. Walk in the shade, especially when on concrete or very hot surfaces. And bring your animal inside if they’re basking in the midday sun.

Golden Retriever looking out on the window of the car

Be travel prepared

While COVID has put international holidays on hold, you may still be planning a local trip or some summer weekends away.

If you’re taking your pooch, it’s important to prepare and pack their essentials.

Car trips can be a treat for dogs, but you do need to always keep them safe.

We recommend a harness and a travel water bowl in addition to food, water and medications.

Crucially, never ever leave any animal in a car. Even with the windows down and air conditioning on, it can take just minutes for animals to overheat, and heat stroke can be fatal. If you’re heading somewhere for the day and you can’t be with your pet the whole time, it’s probably safest to leave them inside at home, where it’s nice and cool.

Fleas on a dogs skin

Protect against sunburn and summer pests

Hate sunburn? So does your pet. It may sound strange, but dogs, cats and other animals can be susceptible to sunburn, especially those with short fur and pink skin. There are sunscreens designed for animals that block UV rays.

It’s very important to stay up to date with pet vaccinations, especially during summer. Fleas, ticks and other parasites are out in force, and they can be highly dangerous for your dog or cat.

Keeping the lawn short may help, but the best plan is to book in for vaccinations before summer. Our mobile vet can come to you and vaccinate your pet for any potential pests.

Know the danger signs

Dogs, cats and other animals are prone to dehydration. The normal body temperature for dogs and cats is between 38.3 and 39.2°C and while some animals may run a little higher or lower, we recommend you contact us immediately if they have a temperature above 40°C.

Other signs that may indicate dehydration and/or heat stroke include dry or bright red gums, heavy panting, excessive or thick drool, shaky legs, vomiting and/or diarrhoea.

If your pet shows signs of heat stroke, move them to a cool spot, give them water, put a damp towel over them, and contact us asap. Never put your overheated pet in a cold bath as it may put them into shock.

VETaround provides caring and comprehensive in-home veterinary care – and hospital services. Please contact us to book in your home visit and keep your pet safe through summer.

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