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Tips for timely health checks

Have you had your blood pressure or cholesterol levels checked recently? Humans are generally quick to respond to any concerning symptoms that appear in their bodies… whether that’s an abnormal lump or a rattle in your chest! We understand the importance of regular health checks to make sure we are fit and healthy.

Are you quick to respond to a warning sign from your pet? Does your pet go on regular visits to the doctor like we do?

No? Having health checks often can help keep track of your pet’s weight, fitness and internal organs so nothing serious develops later on in life. You want to make sure all of your family members, even the ones with four legs, are strong, fit and healthy!

Early prevention

Has your dog starting limping on your morning walks? Has your cat lost their appetite? Is your budgie still happily chirping in the morning? Don’t be fooled; there are many early symptoms that are noticeable… others hidden from plain sight!

Scheduling annual health checks can recognise symptoms early and prevent more sinister diseases that have serious health implications for your beloved pet.

Dr Ari has seen first-hand the benefits of early prevention and the devastating effects of infrequent health checks.

“Many people leave things too late for many reasons, some justifiable, others not so much.”

Make your pet’s health a priority… book in frequent health checks!

Frequency of health checks: younger vs older pets

Wondering how often to take your pet for a check-up? Are one, two or ten health checks a year enough? Factors such as your pet’s age and current health condition determine how often you will need to visit your vet.

Vetaround - Health-check-in-younger-pets

Younger pets

For any new born animal it’s important to have a couple of health checks a year. When interacting with other animals or going for a walk to the park there is a wide range of parasites and diseases that your dog or cat is exposed to.It’s important to make sure that your pet is equipped with all the necessary vaccines from an early age to ensure a long and healthy life!

At Vetaround, kittens and puppies go through a series of shots in their first six to sixteen weeks of life. We use a core vaccine for kittens known as F3 and a vaccine for puppies called C5. These vaccines protect our extended family from deadly diseases such as cat flu, canine cough and parvovirus.

Vetaround- Health-check-in-older-pets

Older pets

Much like humans, when a pet gets older their health deteriorates over time. Their organs don’t seem to function as efficiently and doing any sort of physical activity seems a little bit more challenging!

We recommend having health checks at least twice a year to prevent illnesses that your pet is more susceptible to at an older age, such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease or gum disease.Be sure to mention any changes in your pet’s behaviour, no matter how small they may be, as they may be an indication of a larger problem.

Now is the time

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